Band Bicep Exercises

The selection of bicep exercises featured below will be useful if you intend on strengthening your biceps muscles using exercise bands, also known as stretch tubes or resistance bands.

You'll find animated illustrations that will show you how to correctly perform them as well as textual notes explaining the differences between them.

  1. Band Bicep Curl
  2. Band Preacher Bicep Curl

Band Bicep Curl

Band Bicep Curl
  • The band bicep curl is the most commonly used bicep exercises using exercise bands you'll find.

  • In it you simply step on top of the band in order to hold it securely in place and your bring the handles up without moving your upper arms.

Band Preacher Bicep Curl

Band Preacher Bicep Curl
  • The band preacher bicep curl is a variant on the typical bicep curl exercise in which you extend your upper arms out so that they are no longer in line with your upper body.

  • Putting your upper arms on top of a padding of some sort will help you extract the preacher's greatest benefit, and that is to completely isolate your bicep muscles.

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